Web design for small businesses and individuals

It is reported that 80% of consumers nowadays use search engines to research information before they make any purchasing decision. This means that small businesses or individuals selling products or services can no longer survive in the marketplace if they don’t have a solid online presence.

If you’ve got a small business or you’re an individual getting started, here are critical web design tips to adhere to if you wish to succeed online.


  • Go for a simple uncluttered design
  • Make your website search engine-friendly
  • Focus on mobile optimization
  • Focus on conversion
  • Professional branding

A small business website shouldn’t have a complicated design. Your customers should find the information they are looking for without being overwhelmed. As such, go for an uncluttered design if you want to engage and convert your website visitors into customers. Remember, most web users leave sites quickly if the user experience sucks.


Google controls the visibility of websites on the internet. It means that your website must play to the rules of Google and other search engines if it’s to attain any visibility online. Thankfully, platforms such as WordPress nowadays make it easier for people to design search engine-friendly sites without knowing any HTML code.


With a majority of people now accessing sites via smartphones, it’s imperative that you design websites with mobile users in mind. Platforms like WordPress allow you to create websites that respond to different screen sizes intuitively, meaning you can cater to both PC and mobile users with a single design. If you want more customized experience for your users, you can opt to build native mobile apps on Apple IOS or Android platform.


Small businesses can only grow if they are able to make substantial sales revenues. Your website should be designed with the goal of converting visitors from the beginning. This means that your website copy, user experience and call to action should be on point if you want to convert leads into customers.


Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in branding your website properly. Having a logo and a definite color scheme in mind can make your website look professional and unique in the eyes of customers.

Lastly, hiring a competent company like Bloocci to handle all your web design and development needs is absolutely critical. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your online presence to take your business to the next level.

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