How to Simplify Your Social Media Campaign

Social media is an invaluable tool for marketing an organization’s vision and benefit to the world—in essence, “campaigning” your cause! However, this tool has become so widespread and complex that your strategies can become overly complicated and ineffective. Here are a few ways to simplify your social media campaign so that it remains a beneficial, positive influence on your organization.

Use Automation Tools
Narrow Your Focus
Use “Evergreen” Content

Use Automation Tools

Thousands of users interacting with your social media pages means thousands of questions to field, content to produce, and endless data to process. You can save a significant amount of time that it would normally take to do these tasks, by using automation tools. Schedule posts to be published far in advance so that you don’t have to take precious time to create, edit, and post frequently from your already busy routine. Many platforms also create analytical reports of your data automatically, so that you can stay on top of your statistics and plan changes as necessary. You can also use automation to filter through FAQs that your consumers might have, and get to the real questions that require personalized feedback. Save time and save energy by letting automation handle the basic tasks.

Narrow Your Focus

You don’t have to use every platform out there. Focus your efforts on the platforms that will reach the audiences you need, specifically—or, focus on those platforms that reach the widest audiences in general! For example, Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform in the world. Social media sites like this or Instagram or Twitter offer a wide exposure to millions of active users. Sticking with a few effective sources allows you to spend more time tailoring messages and dedicating resources. Think quality over quantity!

Use “Evergreen” Content

Trends are fleeting. Posting content that reflects solely those fleeting trends rather than your consistent cause suggests an unstable foundation or business plan that merely follows society rather than innovates it. “Evergreen content” refers to that consistently themed material that reminds consumers what you are all about and how they can be a part of that vision. This also condenses and simplifies the kind of material your customers expect to get from you. Narrower focus thematically makes content creation much easier and allows for repeat posts as a normality.

Manage your time with automation, specialize in certain platforms instead of all platforms, and offer reliably consistent messaging in your content. Social media can and should be one of your most effective means for campaign support, so don’t let it get messier than it needs to be!

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