How can I get my brand name out there?

Whether you’ve recently launched a brand, or you’ve been plugging along at your business for a while, increasing brand awareness is likely one of your top priorities. Here are a few ideas for getting your brand name out there.



You may think that business cards are antiquated, but when you meet someone new, and they seem interested in your business, the best way to give them your contact information is to hand over a business card. If you dictate your email address or phone number to them, they may enter it in their phone incorrectly. Your business card, which should have your company name and logo, will serve as a physical reminder of who you are and your interaction.


No matter what industry you are in, there are probably a variety of conferences and workshops that you can attend. While attending these events is a great way to network, it is even better if you are a prominent factor. If possible, help sponsor a few of these events. This will increase exposure, as your name and logo will be listed with the sponsors. You may even be able to place materials with your logo in the swag bag for attendees. These opportunities for brand marketing are invaluable when it comes to letting others know you are out there.


The odds are that you send out a ton of emails every day. Each email has the opportunity to market your business. Adapt the auto signature to say what you want people to know about your company. For example, include your brand name, tagline and a link to your website. This may seem a little annoying, but it actually isn’t. People don’t know what you don’t tell them, so make sure you put that information out there for them.


When you sponsor an event, like an awards ceremony or sporting competition, your brand and logo will be on all of the marketing copy that goes out, like the website, social media, and newsletters. Plus, you can put your logo on the materials at the event, like the napkins at an awards dinner or the t-shirts on marathon runners. If you’re just starting out, sponsor a smaller, niche event, which will cost you less money. Sponsoring an event, especially one that’s a fundraiser, also highlights your brand as one that’s interested in giving back.

Sometimes it may seem like a combination of luck and timing when it comes to getting brand recognition, but you can create these opportunities for yourself with a little extra work. Push yourself to go beyond the normal and your efforts will pay off.

Lots of brands fail to communicate effectively with their target audience because they lack a strategic brand communications plan. As a result, such brands struggle to gain market traction despite having decent products or services.The following article highlights the key components of a brand communications strategy that every company should strive to follow.

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