About a famous artist and digital branding

Nowadays, if you were to mention the name Vincent van Gogh, a fair number of people would be able to tell you something about him. His paintings are revered by many, on display in the world’s great galleries. It has been claimed, whether it’s an urban myth or not, that he only sold one painting in his entire lifetime. Whatever the truth in that claim, he has certainly become more famous after his life than during it, when, to many, he was simply infamous for his behaviour



Why is this relevant to the digital marketing of your business or event? Van Gogh had two barriers in the way of his success during his lifetime, and both were self-erected. The first was his behavior, at times erratic, worrying and unpleasant; the second that he could never seem to recognize the qualities in his work that others later saw. Even today, variations on these two themes can prevent a business or organization from undertaking successful digital marketing campaigns, whether in their use of social media, business branding, web development or graphic design techniques.


That’s usually true, very few people would actively want to sabotage their own business or event’s prospects! Yet by not fully appreciating how others might see or use their business, its services or products, it’s easy to simply tell an internalized story, concentrating on what that business or organization believes it is good at. Equally, you don’t have to search very hard for instances of companies who fall into serious, and often prolonged, problems through their misuse of social media; or exacerbate situations by responding poorly to awkward or potentially damaging scenarios.

Well, that may be stretching credibility somewhat, but our talented team here at Bloocci can offer that stand-back pair of eyes to help your business best fit into a profitable and successful wider picture. We can help you navigate the occasional choppy waters of social media and deliver the powerful and positive presence that will help your business to successfully compete in today’s crowded and demanding marketplace.

To start an obligation free conversation about this, simply drop us an email now and we’ll quickly be in touch.

Lots of brands fail to communicate effectively with their target audience because they lack a strategic brand communications plan. As a result, such brands struggle to gain market traction despite having decent products or services.The following article highlights the key components of a brand communications strategy that every company should strive to follow.

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